Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today we spent a huge chunk of time at Homemakers (furniture and household stuff) and at Target.  We wrote down items and prices.  We wrote forever.  It took forever.  And it was depressing.  We were only able to get through those two stores before it was time to head for home once again.  This inventory thing is honestly SO time consuming.  It takes up most of our waking hours and we even dream about it.  Who knew we had so many things?  Just walk up and down the paper products aisle at Target and see how many items you have in your home.  Yeah.  Unreal.

Also, Macey has come down with a fever.  She was 102.2 tonight after we got home.  Please pray that she doesn't come down with something more serious.  The last time she was sick was the mega hospital stay...

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