Monday, March 30, 2009

You take the good with the bad!

No, I'm not talking about the facts of life. I'm talking about developmental milestones. They are wonderful little marvels to brag about and enjoy experiencing with each new child, but they are also intrusions into life as you know it.

Take today for example. Declan is now quite adept at getting from a laying position to a sitting position (it only took 14 months). Problem is, now he sits up in his crib instead of napping. Hey, isn't seeing the world from a sitting position more fun? He thinks so. He's been in there for nearly 1.5 hours and is still just talking away. He NEEDS to sleep, but I suppose I'll get to enjoy that later, around suppertime when he's a total bear to handle. He is growing increasingly frustrated at not being able to crawl around, but I think moving to the sitting position has built up confidence in him.

I told James around the 1st of March that Declan would crawl "this month". Well, unless he really gets a move on today and tomorrow that is unlikely. Wait, he's probably crawling all over in his crib right now and I have no idea!

And now onto my next random thought - decorating. I need some help with something. I got this beautiful mirror and thingys (are they sconces? I don't know what they're called but they hold candles I think - so candle holders? I'm clueless.) at a garage sale this past summer. James finally hauled out his tools and put them up for me:
Very nice above our fake fireplace (though last summer's appraiser listed that we indeed had a fireplace...I'm not sure where he received his credentials) but I'm wondering a few things. First, should I take the mirror out and paint them a bolder color? They seem really bland on that light tan wall. I don't feel like painting it but I would. Also, I am ordering red/white checked curtains for the windows (there are windows equally spaced on either side of the fireplace) so maybe that'll make this pop more. Also, what the heck do I stick on the candle holders? Before you laugh and shout out the obvious, keep in mind that these holders are curved throughout, so flat-bottomed candles won't work. I was thinking of some spheres that have greenery hanging down from them but again, where on earth to get them? Any ideas??

Edited to add a pic of the curtains I'm ordering:


Ruthann Lytle said...

Hey Tena-- check out these sphere candles. The current scent is yummy and the candle is red to match your curtains.

Myssie said...

here is what I would do...I would take all three pieces down and spray paint them black, then add some red candles to match your new curtains. I think they are really cute pieces but you're right, they need to pop more on that wall.

Cindy said...

I agree with Myssie: paint them something darker so you can see them...not sure if I would be brave enough for red candles, but something besides black and white. Also, I wonder if the sconces aren't too high? When you put candles or whatever on top of them, it's all going to line up with the top of the mirror, and I think it might be more pleasing if it didn't all line up (plus, who can reach that high to light candles?) I was sort of thinking to have them 12-18 inches lower and a little bit to the sides of the fireplace. But you'll have to see how that fits with the rest of the room. I hope Kelly W. weighs in!

Jen said...

I concur. Get a can of spray paint and paint 'em black. I'm a fan of black! :-0

Jana said...

I love the idea of painting them black, too.

Anonymous said...

I would turn the mirror sideways.