Monday, December 08, 2008

There is a danger in having a very laid-back child.

Ok so there's many dangers in that, but the one that plauges me the most often is the danger of believing something is seriously wrong when he becomes fussy. I'm sure to a parent of a fussy child or a colicky infant my concern would be downright laughable (much as to me, when parents of typical kids fuss about their 12 month olds not walking yet). However, I went so far as to bring Declan to the doctor this morning because I was sure there is something wrong with him.

And there isn't.

But he has certainly been "off" for several weeks. It started with refusing bottles after just a few ounces, instead of the usual 6-8 ounces he chugs. Then he began to fuss and cry about eating solids. THAT we believe we have figured out - he's taking control of eating and he isn't shy in letting you know (case in point, the other night I snagged something desireable from his highchair tray and ate it myself - screaming temper tantrum ensued for more than 60 seconds, good glory).

Bless the drs heart. She said, "Now is the time when they usually start changing a lot, you'll probably notice he's different in lots of ways." You'd think this was the first time I've done this parenting thing.


Jen said...

Welcome to One Year Old!! Ack. My kids are awful between 10 months and about 22 months. Icky awful. Caroline is 10 so I have done lots of stages. I SWEAR that span is the WORST. I have yet to hit teen years. . .

Tena said...

Ok DO NOT say that. He has to perk up around 18 months. :D