Sunday, December 21, 2008

It is SO cold!!

I don't ever remember temperatures being so cold here. I'm sure they have been, I just don't remember it. The temps alone are below 0, with windchills pushing the actual temp much further than that. We were outside to get to my parents' today for our Christmas there, and it was just too brutal to be outside honestly. Funny caveat - I was trying to get Caden and Avery out of the van at my parents' house and Caden wouldn't cooperate, which isn't unusual, but I was FREEEEEEZING and I had no patience, so I said, "Quick dicking around!!!". Wouldn't you know it, seconds later, still fussing with Caden, Avery pipes up, "Quick dicking around!!!!" with much gusto. Niiiiiiiiice Tena, good move.

Anyway. We had a great time at my parents' house today. Such good food, I think that is the best part about Christmas. My mom made her usual cheese fondue, plus we had peppermint ice cream dessert and yummy punch, then all kinds of snacks - thanks Chris and Cathy for the popcorn cake, yummmmmmmmm!! We of course exchanged presents and we gave my neice the Baby Alive Learns to Potty doll - huge hit!! Avery loved it too. It talks to you and tells you what to do for it (put me on the potty, I love you, etc.) and Avery replied EVERY time and did just what the doll asked every time. Now keep in mind, this was a gift FROM Avery TO my neice, LOL! But my neice returned the favor, and Avery received a baby that coos and sucks a pacifier, plus really breathes (tummy moves up and down) when she falls asleep. Also a huge hit here, and interestingly enough, it is CADEN who is the most in love with this doll. It cries, and he whips out that bottle to shush it, he pats it on the back, he just loves it up! Of course I want to go to Wal-Mart first thing and buy him another one because they are fighting constantly over it, but James says no. Hopefully the infatuation will die down with her (she's been named Hallie, lovingly rhyming with Callie, Avery's other doll) and there won't be many more fights. But it's a hit!

But yeah, it's cold. It's REALLY cold. With the cold comes our furnace running more, which means we're sucking up the propane ($$$$$$!!!) left and right which is not a good thing, so if you could say a prayer that the temps warm up, that would certainly help us. Of course it's up to God, but we figure He understands this kind of stuff.

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Tam said...

I hope it warms up for you soon.

They are such little parrots, hopefully the new phrase will soon be forgotten.

S is getting that same baby alive you gave your neice, I hope it is cute and not annoying.

Caden sounds like such a sweetie pie with the baby doll. Hopefully the feud over it is short lived.