Sunday, November 09, 2008

Avery is sleeping in a big girl bed!

I know, you're probably falling over in shock more that she has STILL been in a crib at over 4 years old than that she's in a regular bed now, but it is what it is. She and Caden have been sharing a bedroom for 4 years, both in cribs (yes, Caden is still in one, more on that later) and it goes so well. They love it I think - someone to talk to in the morning, at night, etc. But we were given a wonderful bunkbed in white for Avery and we finally got her room painted in "Breezy Pink" on Saturday, so today we moved her in. She was SO excited. She also got to wear Pull-Ups instead of diapers for bed which means she could get up and go potty on her own, then go back to bed...

She did that about 5 times I think before the novelty wore off.

During that time, it was Operation Stop Caden From Breaking Down. Holy heck, you'd think we cut off one of his limbs. In no uncertain terms he told us he wanted to take his pillow and go sleep with Avery. Granted, there's room - it's a full sized bed on the bottom, twin on top. We had feet stomping, screaming, sobbing hysterics. For 30 minutes. I went in every 5-10 mintues and calmed him down, but it finally took James going in there and rubbing his back for 25 minutes and Cay fell asleep. We HAD Declan in Caden's room sleeping in Avery's crib during that time, but I rescued Declan and put him back in his pack n play in our bedroom so he could actually sleep. So yeah, we still have a baby in our bedroom but hey, there's always tomorrow night.

I just snapped some pictures of Avery sleeping. She's out like a light. We're so proud of her for doing so well! She's so proud.

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