Friday, July 25, 2008

Goin' camping

I guess you can't really call it camping. I told my friend Kim that we should call it "outdoorsing" because we spend lots of time outside but the actual sleeping part is pretty cush. We share a camper with my brother and his wife and their family and it's very nice, indoor plumbing and the whole works. No tents for us, no way. I personally think there's just a little bit of insanity involved with people who tent camp with small children. I mean, I love you if you do it but you gotta admit you must love punishment or something. I love me my microwave for nuking those 5am bottles I shouldn't be nuking, that sorta stuff.

We brought the camper out last night to the site (right next to my parents and brother) and we'll be sleeping there all the way through to the 3rd of August! Pretty exciting stuff. On Tuesday we'll be going out on a boat all day with the whole family.....oh CRAP I still need to find somewhere for Declan to go that day!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!!!

Edit - just called my wonderful mother in law and Declan has a home for Tuesday, yay!! Thank you!!!


Myssie said...

Have fun camping! I am not so much into the whole camping thing, but I think that I could handle your style of camping! I am all about the cush!

Cindy said...

We love tent camping...the food is better than backpacking, and we can't carry kids and our packs. :) Camping is great, no matter how you do creates wonderful memories for the kids too.

Kelly said...

Have fun roughin' it in sytle! We just got back from a "camping" trip where we stayed in a cabin. BTW, Declan's pictures are ADORABLE. Love the tongue!

Terri H-E said...

Sweet set up. I am in awe that you venture to camp at all with 3 little guys clamoring at you. But I have to put a vote in for tent or even open air camping. Cate and I went Girl Scout camping last weekend - tents, hikes, swimming, archery, canoeing and my personal fave - kayaking. I'm not sure the girls liked it quite as much as I did, but I had a blast.

Unauthorized, secret sleeping bag camping (wherein we had to hide our car) on the beaches of the San Juan islands was the ultimate, though. I don't need to say that was the bk era - before kids.