Sunday, January 01, 2012

Theater success

So the last thing I wrote was not exactly upbeat (but thank you again for the support). In my praying I have decided that I need to view Caden in new and different ways. I need to assume he'll rise to the occasion and not just assume things won't go well.

I put myself to the test Thursday night. I wanted to do the typical "fun mom" stuff with my 3 oldest kids. I decided I was going to take them (on my own) to the new Chipmunks movie in the theater. Two of them had never been to the theater, and the one who had been didn't like the movie she saw several years prior. I did the whole thing up, popcorn, drinks, yep. We got into our row and I was helping everyone get their seats down and get seated (those seats do not stay down when you weigh less than 50 pounds apparently) and sir Caden dropped his entire thing of popcorn to the ground. I shared some of mine with him - crisis #1 averted. We were all settled in...they didn't understand that the previews WEREN'T the movie and spent a great deal of time asking me WHY I'd taken them to THIS and WHERE was Alvin the Chipmunk? The movie started and Caden stayed seated. Caden laughed at completely appropriate times (actually he cracked up rather hilariously at a few places and made the guy next to us chuckle more - Caden loves parts where people get hurt. Methinks The Three Stooges should be next?). Caden used a whisper voice to ask questions. Caden noticed character's emotions on the screen and asked me about them. CADEN DID AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was just so fun to do something with my "big kids" and to really, really enjoy it. I wish we could go every week!!

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angie said...

YEAH Caden!!! What a great milestone:) Emma also LOVES the movies and does well....although she commentates the beginning of the movie EVERY time:). She loves the parts when people get hurt too....what is THAT all about? HMMMM???? So glad that you had a fun "normal" mom is SO nice when we get those:). Thanks for sharing!