Monday, October 11, 2010

Wanna see some pics of my crew?

My friend (and talented photographer) came over Saturday morning to get some pictures of the kids. I decided to get in on the action a bit, too - you know those awesome pictures you see of a mom all in play with her kids? Yeah, we didn't get a lot like that but we both had some good ideas! Caden and Declan were seriously SERIOUSLY uncooperative. You can see that in a lot of shots. I'm sporting myself down 40 pounds from January (go, me!) and am determined to love me and the mommy I am to my beautiful children! They light up my life. Let me know what your favorites are - I'm going to have a hard time choosing!

password: fall


Emily said...

I really LOVE number 24. Declan's face is amazing =)

Number 97 is also cute. So is 102. 109 is great, 110 is adorable. They are all great!!

And you are looking fabulous! Keep up the hardwork, it is definitely paying off.

Alyssa Gaskill said...

You look great! Keep it up! I love the ones with you and the kids on the porch! my favorites!! You and James make cute kids! =0)

Sawyer said...

You have the cutest crew. Those pictures are adorable, good luck choosing.

Michelle said...

Looking great mama!