Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pushing back that bedtime.

Trying to put hyper kids down at 7pm during the summer when it's fully light outside and the fun has only just begun (in their minds) is just not a fun task. Add to that the fact that they horse around for a full hour after they are put to bed and you have some cranky parents. Tonight we went for a drive to go see the flooding and to get some ice cream. We told them that bedtime was going to be later. This means nothing to them as they cannot tell time - which I am NOT complaining about!! Declan actually complained when we said "bedtime is going to be later"...all he heard was that bedtime word. Mmmm hmmm.

So we did bedtime for Macey and Madelyn at 7:30 or so (our drive had us out later than usual) and then tackled the big kids. It was good. We had absolutely no horsing around in beds and cribs after they were put into bed! This is a first. Usually to get that result we have to force them to run 200000 laps around the house before bed. Going to bed just one hour later sure is easier!

Now. We'll see how morning goes. Our kids tend to be the kinds of kids who wake up by 7:30 no matter WHEN they fell asleep. I'm hoping that the 8pm bedtime will sort of diminish that. Hoping.


Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

Thats how its been at our house too! i too have gone with the aproch you did mine still wake up early though i hope it goes better for you!:)

Cindy said...

How ironic...Tom and I just had this conversation last night after a similar problem (for several week!) Tonight will be the first night at 7:30 (we're only going 30 minutes later).

My kids tend to wake up the next morning at the same time, but the second morning after a late night, they sleep in.

Sarah said...

good luck. my Jonah is up by 6 no matter what time he goes to bed.