Thursday, March 11, 2010

She's home!

She came around this afternoon. She pulled her oxygen out before 11am and I decided to leave it out. Her sats stayed around 94. Then she just stayed doing well with her sats all afternoon and our dr came to see her after 5pm and said she could go home! YAY! We're all back under one roof. Whatta feeling!

Now please pray. Pray for continued healing for Madelyn (she sounds atrocious but is getting better). Pray for Macey, who is acting quite sick. Pray also for Declan and Avery, who both have fevers. And, for Caden, who fell tonight and cried (HARD) for a solid 5 minutes with a heckuva bloody nose. I think we have ALL had it.


Kristi said...

Tena, Your whole family has been through so much.Praying for health for everyone. Great seeing you last weekend.

Kerri H said... guys have been through the ringer! Praying for good health for you all soon! Logan we just found out has toxic synovitis two days ago..he wouldn't walk..but he is now..kinda scary..just a weird virus that will go away w/in a few days..wish we could have met you guys at the Dells!!

Christine said...

So glad everyone is home1 Wishing you all health now!

Alyssa Gaskill said...

There is only one place to go from here. UP.
Praying for you babe!