Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow, the hospital internet is fast!

Yeah, that's where I'm typing from. Madelyn just didn't improve so we brought her in this morning again and she was admitted to the hospital. Her pulse ox was 92, she was breathing pretty fast, retracting, nasal flaring, all the good stuff. Tonight she is finally falling asleep at 8:30 and has smiled a few times. It was so sad - during her xrays they put her in this horrid contraption that holds her in from the sides and pins her arms up and above her head. She was so exhausted from the blood work pokes, IV pokes and all of that that she simply held her mouth open to breathe better and stared straight ahead. SO SAD!!!

We got some other very interesting news today as well. Turns out James has whooping cough! The test was positive. Worst part is...the twins also BOTH have it! So bizarre!! At least now we have an answer for James but he is just still so miserable. His mom is staying out at our house tonight with him and the other kids because he just about can't take care of everyone on his own. He coughs and throws up that much. I am praying hard that it clears up SOON.


Brandi said...

Oh yes, that crazy contraption. I think it looks like a medieval torture device.

Wow, you have been through a lot! I'm glad you now have answers as to what is causing the problems.

Get some rest yourself tonight!

Cheryl said...

Are we praying for all of you!
I have a health-related question I'd appreciate you asking the doc while you're there if possible. Do those of us who work with James need to get a vaccination? I work on the same computer, so wondering for myself I guess. And also, if he worked in people's homes and had an "episode" while we need to make them aware? Sounds like it could be pretty contagious, but I want to know if that's only if you get directly coughed "on' or not. Haven't found the answers I want on the all-knowing net, so wondered if you could help me! Hang in there, girl! Wow! Your little nest has had some major bumps this winter.

Myssie said...

When I got the letter from Caroline's school with the symptoms of pertussis, I instantly thought of James. I am so sorry that the twins now have it. :( I hope that everyone gets better soon. What kind of meds did they give to James??

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im sorry! Good vibes from Illinois headed your way!

Rainbow Momma said...

Wow Tena! Lots going on in your little world. Hope everyone starts feeling better very soon. Take care of you. Glad I found your blog.

Bev Roozeboom said...

I'm so behind on reading your blogs, but I've seen on facebook that you guys have been in the hospital. I'm praying that things will get much better SOON.

Hang in there, Tena. I'm glad you take the time to fb, blog, etc. You need that as a way to stay connected, wind down, etc.

Before you know it, spring will be here. I can't wait. It's been way too long of a winter.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for you. My 3 kids and husband all had whooping cough. I thought I would lose my mind. The kids were 4yr, 2yrs and 3 months. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I sure hope you do not like sleep=))

So Sorry,

Anonymous said...

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CureSMA4Stella said...

Sorry to hear you are in the hospital but sounds like that is where she needs to be. RSV and whooping cough are not to be messed with. Hugs and prayers!
Stella's mommy Sarah :)