Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gotta have a little patience.

At least that's what God keeps telling me. Harder, though, to actually practice it at times.

Yesterday was supposed to be the day we got the results of the twins' DNA test. I finally called late into the afternoon (I have, admittedly, been calling there routinely "just to check" on the progress - they SAID it was ok!!!) and there was a problem with the exact machine/robot the twins' test was on. Of course. They were going to have to put it through another robot. Not sure how long it would take, maybe one more day? Maybe more?? Sigh. I want to know SO much. No, it doesn't matter but I just want to KNOW!!! Have patience, God whispers. Easy enough for YOU to say, God - YOU already KNOW if they are identical or fraternal!!

Ok so in other major news around here...Declan is walking!!! Yes, he's going, and he's going like he's been walking for months. Little turd! Friday when Grandma Jean was here she said she remembers he was taking more and more steps, but still crawling quite a bit. Yesterday when she was here he definitely walked more than crawled. to see him toddle all around, I can hardly stand it. PROUD of you little man! It only took 20 months! But who's counting??


Tarah said...

Oh man, it's killing me to know. Hope for the answer soon!

Kristi said...

Congratulations Declan.. So proud of you little guy.