Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A good appointment day!

You're thinking Caden, aren't you? Actually, several years ago you might have been correct, but today was about Declan and me/baby!

I had my first prenatal checkup this afternoon, and Declan tagged along for his 1 year well child checkup after that. In a nutshell, things are going well for the precious little one inside of me and for myself! We did a lot of talking about my meds for my bipolar, OCD and anxiety but we feel good about how things were handled with Declan and will go that route again. We will, of course, taper off the Zoloft when we get closer to delivery time so as not to cause some of the issues that Declan had immediately after birth, but that's all stuff we don't need to worry about yet. My blood pressure and all of that was just fine. I'm 100% positively pregnant, confirmed by a sweet little whoosing sound on doppler of 156 beats per minute. The sound of the baby's heartbeat would go in and out, and I felt him/her moving like crazy during the whole ordeal, so it doesn't suprise me that the sounds varied a bit. I am 13 weeks today, and things are looking wonderful!

Then we moved on to little D. He's 29 inches long and 25 pounds big, to which I say he is "short, fat and proud of that", just like sweet little Winnie the Pooh! And sweet he is - he just sat in his stroller through my entire 1 hour appointment, no toys, no snacks, nothing...AND it was during his naptime! He fussed a couple of times but wow. Declan is really doing well. The dr called him "gross motor delayed", but that comes as a shock and concern to no one because my dad didn't walk until he was 22 months, I didn't walk until I was 19 months and Avery didn't walk until she was 19 months! So we're laid back and chilling. Works for me! Declan does have some issues with excema and with yeast infections, so we got some creams for that. He also had to have 2 shots which he sobbed for, but a little snuggle from mommy brought him right back around. Then he had to give 2 small vials of blood from a finger poke, to which he didn't even CRY about, not one whimper.

Dear Lord, PLEASE let baby #4 be as docile as Declan. If s/he isn't, I fully blame James. Amen.


Brouwer Family said...

I loved your prayer. All of my childrens' issues come from their dad too!

Glad all is well!

angie said...

Congrats again...glad that everything is going well:)...with you and Declan. Owen has excema also...we've tried all of the creams that the dr.'s gave us. Finally, a friend recommended a product made by California's called Calendula Cream. It is a MIRACLE cream!!! 2 days and his excema was gone!! (it does come back, but I just put the cream on again). AND, it was so much cheaper than the prescriptions. You can order it on-line from Target. Just had to pass on a GREAT product:).

Michelle said...

LOL You are too much! Glad to hear your first appointment went so well. My first appt. is the end of Feb. I'll be one day shy of 11 wks. I'm praying for a docile baby as well! ;)

Kristi said...

So glad things are going well so far. Did you get horrible morning sickness like me?? Glad Declan is doing great also..

Tena said...

I have had the worst morning sickness this time than any other time...but that doesn't mean much, because it's still VERY mild!